Release date of The Open Space — 3.0 Ecoverse update has been announced!

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4 min readAug 16, 2023


One of the Crystal processing plants on the planet Glaciara

We have determined the release date for the Beta version of the Ecoverse update, which we have been developing since the beginning of this year with new mechanics and the potential for a stronger economy. All contract, action, and interface work in the update has been completed, and today marks the announcement of the open testing phase.

During the development of the update, the testing team took into consideration all potential glitches and needs that could arise in the near future. Now, all testing stages have been opened up for users to explore from various angles. Interested users can now create a Wax Testnet account to closely monitor the updates (

With the release of the update, the stages leading up to the release have also been announced. During the testing phase, we will consider scalability issues that may arise in the future and improvements to user experience. We have already started actively receiving feedback from our users during this process.

To ensure that players have no uncertainties upon the release of the update, we have created a YouTube channel named “Ecoverse Academy.” The Ecoverse Academy channel will feature a playlist where users can visually learn about all game functions. Additionally, there will be video explanations on how Landowners can develop NFT and Token projects on their lands. One of the future roles of this channel will be to provide explanatory and instructional videos on smart contracts and blockchains, especially those that are limited on the Wax network, in order to expand resources.

While developing the Ecoverse update, we are implementing brilliant ideas faster than the updates to our whitepaper content. Therefore, all features and content within the game will be thoroughly organized in their final form. Throughout all these stages, we will also address the parts of our live homepage that need to be revised to ensure everything is ready when the time for the update comes.

On August 23, 2023, the old version on the mainnet will cease to operate, marking the beginning of update preparations. After the game is halted, all registered users’ NFTs will be converted into POINT tokens, and all tokens they possess within the game will be returned to their user wallets. During the planned one-week period, new contracts will be transferred to the mainnet, configurations will be established, and new NFT content will be updated in the Atomichub collection. Once all these processes are completed, The Open Space will begin its new journey with its fresh look and content on August 30, 2023.

In this update, we are eager to explain our main goals. Firstly, upon the completion of this update, we aim to showcase to developers and users in the cryptocurrency world, especially in the WAX blockchain and other blockchains, how a Play-to-Earn game, especially one with a struggling economy, can be revived and further developed. Another aspect is that we want to provide a consistent explanation for the misunderstood concept of the “Metaverse”. Without expecting reciprocity from other projects, we are ensuring that tokens from other game projects on the WAX blockchain have a representation in our game. In our view, the digital assets of a metaverse project should have validity across other crypto projects, and content published on other platforms should have representation within this metaverse project. The lack of interaction between NFTs or Tokens produced within projects that focus solely on 3D visual enhancements creates doubts about the nature of a virtual universe. We believe that the current focus on 3D content in metaverse projects falls short of the depth of the concept. As we develop our project, we want to demonstrate that users can utilize tokens or NFTs from other projects in our ecosystem. Our project has the potential to be connected to external projects and can expand into a metaverse with its own developed and published projects.

Additionally, we have started working on incorporating a live chat system within our game, aiming to allow players to interact socially. In addition to other chat applications like Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook, we strive to create an environment where users can interact socially within the game.

As our updates come to fruition, we hope to create a welcoming and pleasant environment for all users to engage in delightful conversations.

For more detailed information, you can check our whitepaper page. You can follow us on our community channels and contact us for your questions and suggestions.
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